Saturday, 14 February 2009

Friday came and went - and so did the snow

The schools were open on Friday, as they should have been - but the girls were rather disappointed as we had a good covering of snow here again and they wanted to stay and play! The YFG's class were doing a parents' assembly, so I didn't want to miss that anyway. It was interesting as they have been studying the planets, so the children came out in little groups or pairs and spoke about "their" planet - the YFG and her partner had been studying Uranus, so we had heard her talk a few times in preparation! After the Assembly, the parents got the chance to go into the classroom and see the work that the children have been doing recently, so that was fun too. She had tidied her drawer in my honour.

Today has been a beautifully crisp, clear day, and the FH and I have enjoyed sitting outside under the verandah, drinking a cup of tea in the sunshine at 3pm - the first time this year. The YFG had her friend round to play and it was good for us to get outside for some peace! The FH has been busy today starting to put the flue up on the outside of the house. I have been taking some pictures so I will be able to share a post when it is done to show how it came together a piece at a time. We were at gymnastics this morning, and that is probably the most I have achieved today - we have a dilemma to solve this week and I spent some time chatting with family this afternoon and surfing the internet in an attempt to find an answer - it'll come, in time. I have also got my account at the feed wholesaler's set up properly, so I have been speaking to some friends who have animals and letting them know that they can get the food they need for their chickens/ducks/rabbits at cost price. It looks as though I will be ordering on behalf of about three other families as well as ourselves. I think that maybe I have done more than it feels like.

Tomorrow is Sunday and church - I haven't been able to go for two weeks, so I am looking forward to attending tomorrow. Will have to raid the freezer or get up early to bake something to share!

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