Sunday, 31 May 2015

A lovely Sunday

A good day all round.  

Chapel this morning, preaching in the northern part of the circuit to a lovely crowd of friends who always make me feel very welcome.  Nipping into the town nearby there to buy a new curtain rail for the EFG's new room....lots of traffic up there and took some time to negotiate. 

Getting home in time to have a quick cup of tea before visitors arrived for the afternoon, the FH's cousin and his family.  Lovely chinwag with them all afternoon - and the chaps helped the EFG put up the new rail too!  

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BGT final [thought the choir should have won but loved the dog and the magician too so was very happy with the top three] and we also had a roast dinner, eventually! Well, the carnivores among us did, anyway - there was a potato and something curry that the EFG enjoyed... 

Tired but happy tonight - and the YFG is safely tucked up in bed for a relatively early night before she gets back to exams tomorrow: history, and the paper on Crime and Punishment - sounds like a joyful experience for her, eh?!

And that was May - who knows what June will bring?  Looking forward to finding out...

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SusanM said...

Good luck with the rest of her exams. Son finished his now, thank goodness! Does YFG get study leave? We have 6 weeks up here for pupils in S4 to S6 x