Saturday, 30 May 2015

Garden tour

Today has mostly been spent in the garden, in between doing three loads of washing and hanging that out to blow.  I have also had a neighbour round to have a chat for an hour or so this morning.  She's got some problems and needed a listening ear for a while.

But let's have a look around.  If we go to the bottom of the garden, there's a gate.  Needs a touch of paint, I know...

and if we go through the gate, we can peep into this area

and then, around the corner, we find this splendid secret garden, hidden away behind the shed.

All the new lawn has been cut again this weekend, as well as the existing lawns - somehow, the new lawn is much harder to cut that the old stuff and I have to put all my weight behind the mower to get through the new stuff.  The poor recycling bin is full again.

And Shadow just l o v e s to luxuriate on the new lawn, stretching and twisting this way and that.

In the greenhouse, four cucumber plants are growing, freshly planted out this morning.  They are "Telegraph" so they should grow straight like the poles.

Plenty of lettuce growing on, getting bigger and moving towards being planted out in a week or so.  More seeds went in today for the next batch.

UJ brought me six tomato plants, and thinks that they are Gardener's Delight.  They are growing well and some have their first flowers just developing.

Five courgette plants out in the veg beds.

Freshly tilled earth, just right for the seed bed.  Spring onions, land cress, beetroot, radishes and spinach all went in there this afternoon.....hope they grow!

The potatoes were earthed up on Wednesday when UJ was here.  They are doing well and putting up some good leaves, so I hope that they are also doing the business under the ground and producing some tubers!

Now I have had a shower, put the supper on and I am about to work on the sermon for tomorrow.  About time I sat down for a while, I think.


annie said...

I enjoyed your tour!

veeknits19 said...

Thankyou for the tour, it's all looking so good. I'm just off to cut the grass now, I try to do it before it gets too long & then takes ages! Vee x