Saturday, 16 May 2015

A few links

I have been pottering around the "interwebs" occasionally over the last couple of days, and have found a couple of links that I know you might like to see.....well, I think you might!

For those of you like me, who want to learn to knit a sock, there is a "sockalong" website, which has inspired me to have a go, when I have finished the scarves [yes, two] which are currently on the needles. There are so many photos and instructions on the website that I can't imagine getting lost.  It looks great - and there is also an accompanying Facebook page where you can ask other sock-knitters for advice, which seems to be a great combination!  The website is at

And then there is a recipe and a handy conversion site I have found. Ree Drummond, aka Pioneer Woman, posts some great recipes, and I have a daughter with a bit of a thing for chocolate chip cookies, so these gorgeous looking creations are going on the "to-bake" list this week.....I just had to work out how much a "stick" of butter was, and that was where this conversion site came in.  That link will take you straight to the section for butter.  A "stick" of butter is apparently 4 ounces.

For those of us who want to be able to do more with our slow-cookers than just the odd stew or casserole, I found this post full of links, and I think that some of them might be worth having a go at - there are lots of chicken recipes, which I love, so I shall put those top of my list!

I have continued my decluttering this week - we have taken a very old [pre-2000] Dell computer, complete with an enormous old monitor, to the skip.  We were advised to remove the hard-drive and "smack it with a hammer" before chucking it, so the YFG and I had great fun hitting it rather hard with a hammer last night on the gravel out the back.  We then left it on the driveway overnight as it began to smell a little strange and we thought it best to leave it out there.  I also offloaded an old tv that had a VCR in the bottom of it, a broken shredder, an old handmixer that burned out, and some old sofa cushions and an ancient duvet.  A skirt suit and a couple of winter coats went to the charity shop. I was quite pleased with that haul for the week.

This afternoon, I have mown the grass.  Not the new turf, but just the previously-existing lawned area.  Thinking about how long that took, and looking at the expanse of the new sections, sheep are beginning to look like an attractive option ;)

Hope you are having a good weekend xx


Gill - That British Woman said...

hope you have a lovely Sunday. If not sheep you could get goats!!!

Bless said...

A "stick" of butter is, indeed, 4 oz. Butter (and margarine) usually comes in 1 lb. packages in the U.S., and each package contains 4 individually wrapped "sticks", each weighing 1/4 lb. or 4 oz.

Colleen said...

I like Pioneer Woman. Her recipes are adaptable to the various sensitivity needs in this house.

Ha! Yes. I buy butter a pound at a time, four sticks, which would be 4 oz each. I'm sad that I don't remember how I bought butter in Britain. :-(

Morgan said...

Welcome, Bless - good to hear from you.

Gill - goats can be very destructive, and I am not up for any more animals really, but the thought of all the mowing I have landed myself with in the name of making the house presentable for sale eventually is depressing. I shall have to work out how to listen to something uplifting whilst I am mowing!

Colleen - butter is sold here in 8oz packs, wrapped in paper. Margerine is sold in 500g tubs. Have just had to check that on a grocery website, good old Sainsbury's, and was shocked at the variation in the price of butter - their own brand value range in unsalted is just 90p and top-of-the-range Anchor is £1.80 for the same quantity - double the price!! My grandmother always had Anchor but I doubt she would choose it these days as she always had an eye on the pennies too! Hugs x

I've added an extra link in this morning where I found another great page of recipes xx

Sue in Suffolk said...

Isn't it funny that a computer pre 2000 is very old - makes me feel positively ancient......oh I am!
Sounds like the clearing is going well, more to be done here but it's mainly Cols workshop.