Monday, 1 June 2015

Early days

Monday and Tuesday each week, I usually feel like I have a cliff face to scale, and then by Thursday, I am coasting, and the weekend is a breeze!  I can never really motivate myself to start work on a Monday - of course, I do eventually - but it is usually late in the morning or even in the early afternoon.  Today, it was about ten to two before I dialled a number......there is just so much else that I want to be doing and today I did two loads of washing, cleaned up the kitchen, watered the houseplants, finished the ironing and put it all away, enjoyed a cuppa whilst I did a few rows on the scarf I am still knitting,  had a chat with the EFG and prayed the YFG through a history exam......

Tomorrow the EFG is off for her first shift at the food bank: she isn't quite sure what to expect, but I am looking forward to hearing all about it when she gets home.  She's doing a double shift, which is two two-hour shifts, as she thought that would be more worthwhile since she has got to pay the train fare to get there.

She was disappointed to get an email this morning saying that her claim for a refund on her train tickets has been denied.  I was not happy, and told her to get Tweeting about it - she is a regular customer on the Virgin East Coast mainline and that is not the way to treat good customers!  She soon had a Tweet back telling her to ring a helpline, which we did, and had a helpful chat with a chap who is understanding and keen to progress her claim for her.  Watch this space on that one!

And my little circular needle arrived this morning - so I am all set to start my sockalong, as soon as I finish the scarf......which should be soon, I hope!

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annie said...

I used to work the food bank here, 2 days a week, 2 hours at a time. It is rewarding in itself to feed someone who is hungry.
I hope she gets her refund!