Thursday, 28 May 2015

Been busy

Too busy!  Had a few sneaky lie-ins this week which has been lovely, and the EFG has been pottering about, moving her stuff in to her "new" room so that we can get the old room ready for the students.  The YFG has been hard at the revision, as well as watching old episodes of Torchwood for light relief.  We have watched some of the semi-finals of BGT, and wailed as favourite acts haven't made it through to the weekend's Final - but there are too many favourites for them all to get through!

I have done 5 and a half hours on the phone today, in an effort to get some time off tomorrow - I have just an hour and a half left to do in the morning and I will have done my allotted hours for the week and three hours' worth of overtime too.  It has been a hard slog today, and bum-numbing too so I got outside and did some lawn-mowing, plant-watering and general weeding whilst my dinner cooked tonight, just to m-o-v-e around a little.

My heart goes out to Jacqui at The Barefoot Crofter as she shares the news that John passed away last night.  I'm sure that Jacqui and her family will be in a lot of prayers tonight and in the days ahead, I pray that she will find strength in her faith.


Gill - That British Woman said...

I too saw that Jacqui's husband had passed away, such a sad time for them. Glad Friday is almost upon us......

Angela said...

So sad for her. I am glad so many folk have put kind words on her blog, may they be a strength and comfort