Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Tears today

It seems that everywhere I have been on the internet today has sparked tears in me today. 

 I started off reading how John's condition has deteriorated at The Barefoot Crofter and it made me weep to think of his family because it reminded me of our journey here, and I know some of how they might be feeling now, and in the days ahead.  I've added them to my prayer list at home.

And I have read and re-read and read again Ann Voskamp's heartbreaking post at A Holy Experience about Love and what these women, our sisters, are going through in Iraq.  She always makes me think, and challenges me to pray, to believe and to act in faith.  I have done what I can tonight, but if you can't donate, then please pray or do what you do, for these women and their children.  We might live in a different world when we read how they are suffering there, but they are about 3,500 miles from the UK.  I don't expect to have to read about women and children living in those kinds of conditions in 2015, sleeping in a metal shipping container with no running water, no sanitation and little hope, having run from their homes in fear.  Having to choose which of their children to take with them, burying their children on a mountainside because they died from hunger and thirst.  The tears brim again now as I think of this.  And look at those photos - those are women just like you and I.  Children just like ours, full of expectation and hope, children who should be able to grow up in safety.  

Just tucked the YFG up in her bed, snug under her duvet and safe in her own room, fresh from the bath and in clean clothes.  Hugged her extra hard tonight.  Counting our blessings.

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Gill - That British Woman said...

some days are harder than others and I am sorry you had one of those days.