Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Quick round up of the day

Last night, the YFG and her friend had a sleepover in a tent on the new lawn - I heard them in the house early this morning, watching tv - but I didn't realise until I got up at 8am and asked them, that they had been there since just about 5am when they woke up and got chilly!

In contrast, the EFG slept till nearly 11am - she's still getting back to regular hours...

Today, I have done four and a half hours on the phone as I am attempting to do my usual week's work in four days, and then I will get some overtime pay.

I've watered in the greenhouse, weeded a vegetable bed and planted the courgettes out, strimmed around the lawn and veg beds, and cooked the supper.

I've been sorting out the linen cupboard, and there is a heap to go to the rag-bag, the charity shop and the tip.  I have enough left for the students' beds as well as ours.  The linen has to be relocated as the EFG needs the cupboard as she is moving all of her things out of the room which will be for the students.....there's an awful lot of stuff finding its way to my room.

The presentation I have to give to the Preachers' Meeting tomorrow on one of Wesley's sermons has been written - finally!  I should have been called "Last Minute" for sure!  That is going to be a little daunting tomorrow evening, so think of me, please, and think positive thoughts/send up a little prayer.  

AND I booked a holiday!  Just a short weekend break at the camp site near Sheringham where my mum and dad first had a caravan when I was 9, and then my sister and uncle eventually took over the plot until a few years back.  Well, I can rent a caravan there for a Friday to Monday break in July, and so it is arranged - we'll pop down there on Friday afternoon after I finish work and enjoy the weekend.  I haven't had to take the Monday off work as the boss has agreed to me working the hours over the rest of the week, much as I am doing this week.  It will be before the prices skyrocket for the school holidays as the girls are both at home now, and we can take advantage of the cheaper prices this year as we are in the unique [for us] situation of them both being available before the school holidays kick off - and gymnastics finishes the previous weekend, so it has no impact on that at all.  This will be my holiday for the year, so I am looking forward to it!  A day out at Sheringham and Cromer, I hope, and then perhaps a NT property like Blickling Hall on the Sunday - that would be ideal for us.  Just have to hope the weather plays ball...

It is half term now and I am taking advantage of not having to get up early and taking an extra hour in bed each morning for a bit more sleep!  


SusanM said...

Camping??!! It's absolutely blooming freezing up here. We were at the beach on Sunday and there were a couple of families in tents, huddled under blankets, wearing several layers of clothes, hats and gloves. Still the strong, cold wind today.

Our holiday this year will be a few days in the tent, if the weather improves. We're saving for our son to go to university so that's the priority. Also, still a few jobs to do to the house. I hope you enjoy your break. I remember Sheringham and Cromer (lovely places) from when we used to visit there from Stamford.

Morgan said...

I quite agree, SusanM - they went equipped with hot water bottles and lots of blankets, and I was surprised that they lasted as long as 5am if I am honest! As for the holiday, that will be it for me this year. My shower in the bathroom has been costed up at £355, and I still have more work to do on the house over the next few years, so that is where my priority lies too. The YFG is hopefully being taken away with her friend's family for a week, and the EFG has a festival and a week with her mate organised in Burton on Trent, so they are sorted for some time away too. This weekend will be cherished as some time together, in a favourite place, and away from work, internet and other distractions and responsibilities, so I am looking forward to it already xx