Thursday, 21 May 2015

Roll on Saturday

The EFG will indeed be home on Saturday, so she is busily making preparations today.  All sorts of arrangements fell apart this week, and she isn't feeling at all well with a really chesty cough, so I told her to get herself on a train home as soon as she could.

I shall meet her off the train later on Saturday afternoon.....whilst the YFG is off on a trip with my sister to London to an event all about Streetcat Bob.  I know very little about it, save that my sister bought the tickets for a surprise for her husband and then found out he had a prior engagement and couldn't go with her - so the YFG gets a well-deserved trip out.  Nose back in the books after the weekend though - still more exams to go.

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Frugally challenged said...

Is the EFG home for summer or just until she's feeling better?

Morgan said...

It will be for the SUMMER! Yay!

Frugally challenged said...

Yay indeed!