Sunday, 24 May 2015

Welcome home

The EFG almost fell off the train yesterday under the weight of the enormous rucksack she was carrying, as well as trying to lug along the two huge suitcases.  Good job she was not flying home as she would certainly have exceeded the baggage allowance......and when she got home, the suitcases seemed to "pop" all over the sitting room floor as she was unpacking and pulling things out to show me.  Never mind, we can find homes for everything as we go.

She didn't bring home much washing as she had done it all in her laundry room there, where they have driers - such hardship it is going to be here for her without a drier!  She had me laughing though - she has brought the rails from her airer home as they wouldn't fit in the storage box, although the concertina ends did fit - so the rails are here and the structure is there!  I was so pleased that she had found time to nip to Hobbycraft in Aberdeen and find me a couple of balls of Regia sock wool so that I am nearly all set to start my sock knitting experience - the Sockalong lady recommends a short circular needle, so I just have to find one of those now as all the local shops in town yesterday only had long ones.  One scarf is finished, so just one more to complete and then I am going to start on the socks.

The EFG has a terrible cough, and has been tossing and turning all night.  I think we might need to get to the shop today for some medications.  She had cough mixture in Aberdeen but didn't bring it home......too much to carry!

The YFG had an interesting evening last night at Islington Town Hall, where she went to an author event with my sister.  Bobfest is all about the cat which helped author James Bowen get his life back together. The event was about raising money for The Big Issue.  She wasn't quite sure what to expect but it wasn't what she thought it would be - we were expecting the author to speak, and she had hoped to see the cat!  But the author seemed to be very shy and didn't say much at all, just signed copies of his book, and the cat was not in attendance at all.  The YFG was overwhelmed at the fans who had come from Finland, China and Brazil [that she knows of] to the event, and their enthusiasm for the cat and the writer!  She said that the term, "crazy cat lady" took on a whole new meaning for her last night.
All a bit of a different experience from our simple village life with Shadow!  The YFG came home and said she didn't like the way London smells.........what can I say to that?!

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Bless said...

Glad to read that your elder daughter is home from university. I'm sure she'll soon feel better, now that she's home and you are there to take care of her. My daughter is home, too, but only for the long weekend. She is doing an internship over the summer, so she needs to go back after the weekend.