Monday, 11 May 2015

Tough love

I've got a child in bed, worrying about her first exam tomorrow, and I have another miles away, miserable about feeling displaced by our exchange students coming in September - she'll have to move out of "her" room and into the smaller spare room so that the two girls can share her old room....motherhood is one heck of a challenge, sometimes!


Jackie said...

Mine had her first exam today. And collapsed into bed early with three due tomorrow. It's a perilous time.

Sue in Suffolk said...

I used to tell my lot that all you can do is to do your best.
Eventually they grow up and leave home but I still feel responsible for them - how long should I go on worrying about grown up children?
Good luck to your youngest and I'm sure your eldest will be OK once she is home again for the summer

SusanM said...

We're in the middle of Highers up here, 2 and a half down, two and a half to go! The first exam is always the worst. Good luck, she can only do her best. There is far too much pressure on children these days in my opinion x

Bless said...

I've a daughter away at university, myself; she just finished her last final exam for this semester. I can just imagine what she'd have to say if I were to repurpose her bedroom! She needs to do an internship over the summer, so she won't be coming home for the summer (other than some weekend visits). Wish your daughters the best on their exams.