Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Weekend over!

We've had a couple of long lie-ins at the weekend but today we are back to the normal routine!  I just made it to church on Sunday by the skin of my teeth because I didn't get up when the alarm went off....the weather here over the weekend wasn't particularly encouraging, so I kept snuggling back down under the quilt for another snooze!

We had lots of rain on Sunday morning but then the skies cleared and we had some glorious sunshine later on in the day.  More yesterday too - and so we watered the grass in the afternoon.  The YFG was desperate to "have a go" and so she did it, with minimal help negotiating the hose pipe hither and there.  Then it rained last night and she sighed, "Oh, I did all that for nothing!" to which I had to reply that every drop was worth it as the chap who laid it said we couldn't give it enough water, so all that we do is good!  The turves are already blending themselves together in to a lawn and the edges are becoming less noticeable as the grass grows, so all this rain and watering is definitely worth it.

Pottering in the garden, tidying up the office/dining room and having my Dad over for a visit in the afternoon took up most of the bonus day that was the Bank Holiday.

And then there was Charlotte.  The latest addition to the Royal family, Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge, was born on Saturday morning, so we have been reading the reports of her birth on the internet news channels, and eagerly waited to find out what her name would be - I was sort of hoping that Victoria might make it in to the combination, but actually, I love what they have chosen too.  

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Princess Charlotte
(image from bbc.co.uk)


Gill - That British Woman said...

good choice of a name in my opinion, we didn't want Alice, as if dd has another girl one of her favourite names is Alice.

SusanM said...

It was lovely to hear some nice news and made a change from all the election stuff! x