Sunday, 17 May 2015

Quiet room

Laying down in a quiet room early tonight was going to be on the cards before I got chatting on the phone to a friend whose birthday it was yesterday.....Been a productive day, all things considered.

I made some chocolate cakes for a treat - gluten and dairy free ones.  Then I got to thinking about how to take a photo for you.  I would usually just literally take a picture like this one, above.  But I had an interesting chat with a 13 year old gymnast the other week about her GCSE course choices - she has included photography and Food Tech in her list as she wants to be a food blogger.

So I thought I'd try harder this week:

I'm impressed on so many levels at this girl's ambition, drive and interests, and so I am going to give her some of my recipe books that I am going to release from the shelves here - she might find a couple of recipes she wants to try.

And I'll keep trying to be more adventurous with my photos!

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