Saturday, 2 May 2015

And then He said...

When one has had as much turf put down as has been recently installed here, you want to protect your investment, and that means watering the stuff.  Well, at least on the days that it doesn't rain - so I may get a day off watering tomorrow, if the weather forecast is accurate.  So since I have been so busy lately, finding out that it takes me an hour to water this patch has been a revelation in peace and quiet.  You can't Rush watering, you can't do it in a hurry, you just have to do it slowly and methodically, making sure that every square inch is getting a good drink of the pure stuff. And that leaves you a lot of time for Thinking. 

It's is almost as if God had said to me - "Slow down!" and then when I didn't, He had a think about it and said, "Water this grass every day for two weeks and Slow Down!" So I am.

It's actually very good for me, and I am enjoying it, three days in.  

So, I know that some bright sparks are going to wonder why I am not using a sprinkler.  Well, I tried... but water costs money, and I don't like to waste water or money, and it made me cross to see water shooting over the fence and into the neighbour's garden, and all up the brick wall of the house, and very little of it onto the actual grass, so I decided I could be more efficient - the grass needs the water so that is where it goes, all of it, not just a third of it!


Kim @ Him, Him Me said...

Isn't it wonderful how HE gets us to slow down when we need it?
I have been running around like a looney recently with lots of family problems and felt like I was on a treadmill. I knew I needed to step back but just couldn't.
I planed to do so much this weekend but have gone down with a really bad cold which is forcing me to slow down, rest and take time out and proving to me that I d not need to be there for everyone all the time.
It's also showing others that I am not Superwoman and they can do things for them selves etc.
Follow His prompting as long as it lasts.
Hugs xxx

SusanM said...

I wish I could send some of the rain we're having today down to you!!

Morgan said...

Thanks, SusanM, but it rained hard here until about 10.30am and then we have had a bright and breezy kind of day. Now, at 5.30pm, it has just started to rain again, so the turf is getting a good soaking today :)

@Kim - thanks - you are very right in what you say, and I do hope that you are feeling better very soon too xxx

Gill - That British Woman said...

he is good.......