Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Moving forward

I think you have heard enough about the garden at the moment - time to head back inside the house. I have been so pleased at my tidied-bedroom and the way that it has REMAINED tidy since I did the big sort out before Christmas - now I just have to apply myself to the rest of the house.

We have decided to carry on with the application to take the European students in September, and someone will be coming to visit us - so we need to be spick and span for that, especially as she will be taking photos - eeek!  This weekend I have been having a sort out in the office, which was the dining room, in an attempt to bring it back into use as a dining room as well as having an office area at one end where I can work..........I'm getting there!  I will have to explain to her that the second student hasn't got a bed yet - I have had the offer of one from my dad but I have to work out the logistics of getting it here!  I will just be borrowing it as when we downsize to a smaller place in the future, I am sure that we will not have room for four single beds.

I have to say that reading the book on the Kindle about the Marie Kondo method of tidying has helped me to consider things in a different light - and the YFG's making of some amazing chocolate brownies this weekend from a recipe off the BBC Good Food website makes me think that we can do without the 1001+ recipe books which are lining our walls.  Well, maybe we'll keep a few favourites.

The trouble with spring is that there is never enough time - I want to be outside, sowing seeds and painting the sheds, etc, not in the house!  Oh well, hoping for better weather for a couple of days so that we can actually get outside and do things - had enough rain now but unfortunately, there is more in the forecast for today, which does save me watering the grass for today so it is not altogether a bad thing.

Today I am working on the phones for four hours as I only did 2 hours yesterday, and I have a meeting with the tutor for my church work this afternoon too.  Hope you all have a blessed day x


Frugally challenged said...

I down sized my recipe book collection earlier this year because I realised that I am more likely to go to t'interweb for culinary info. I had to decide which I needed more, the books or the space. And I'm loving the space.

Mindo said...

I now use the Marie Kondo method for folding and storing most of my clothes, and have actually stuck with it! Her method allows me to more easily see what I have in the way of trousers and tops, and I wear more of my clothes now. A bonus is that, if you're packing for a trip, its easy to pick up folded items and plonk them straight in the suitcase. I had a major clearout a couple of weeks ago, and donated clothes that I really don't have a hope of ever wearing again! As much as I watach what I eat and exercise I think that my mature body has settled into a mature shape! The bonus is that I now have a well co-ordinated wardrobe and its easier to look more put together

As for recipe books, we've moved 5 times in the last 6 years and I have whittled my possessions down to what is the best minimum for me. That means very few books as I either read on my Kindle app, or buy from charity shops and then re-donate. I have a couple of recipe books that I can't do without, but I use the internet for the vast majority of recipies. I do however, like to browse through recipe books for inspiration and that's not as easy to do on the internet!

Like you I'm likely to downsize in the not too distant future so am making a mental note of what I use in the house on a regular basis, and what is hanging around taking up room. I'm having trouble with items that have sentimental value, but perhaps I should make the effort to actually use these items. I've made money recently by selling unused items, made other people happy as they've got a bargain, and the resulting space, both physical and mental, is priceless.

Morgan said...

@FC - I am looking forward to the space and I love my tidy bedroom!

@Mindo - I am going to look at selling some of the books as there are plenty which are still in "as new" condition. We've been here 11 years next month and have accumulated too much junk - when we were moving more often, we had less!

Gill - That British Woman said...

I agree selling some and keeping favourites is the way to go. I had a good clean out when we moved here.