Monday, 11 August 2014

Monday memories

Another funeral today - you don't go to one for years and then two in a month.

This one was for a very old lady - she was 98, and died the day before the FH's funeral.  She had no family left, and the solicitors organised the arrangements, but she came to the chapel for the final goodbye.  She had been married for over 50 years before her husband died in 2001, and they had met when they were both Sunday school teachers at the chapel.  He was a lay preacher until 1978, and she was a church worker and the chapel organist as well.  The chapel here was the centre of their lives, and they were enough for one another in that they very much kept themselves to themselves, and did not have any children.

It brought a tear or two for me, not so much for the lovely old lady, but for the joy of what they had had for one another.  Over fifty years together, and being the centre of one another's worlds all that time - what a wonderful relationship!  She had lived a good long life, and had been happy for much of it, including the last two years of her life when she was cared for in a local old people's home - she was obviously very well thought of there as five members of their staff came along to the funeral to pay their respects.  The ladies all spoke very fondly of her when we served tea and biscuits after the service.

This lunchtime, UJ appeared with some greengages for me to make into jam tomorrow, and I gave him some beans on toast for a quick lunch before I asked him to help me [well, to allow me to assist him would be a more accurate description] to repair a chicken run gate which was falling apart.  We got the tools together and sorted that out, and then the YFG and I nipped into town to Lidl's and to the bank before my dad and MB arrived at 4.30pm for a cup of tea and a chat.  Dad brought along a lovely photograph that he had taken on the cruise of the girls, taken one evening before dinner, when they were in their glad rags, and looked rather glamorous!

This evening we have been watching some tv and I have been doing some knitting......we are now counting down sleeps-to-go until the A level results - I am getting a bit nervous!


SusanM said...

Keeping fingers crossed for exam results! Does she have to go to school to collect them? In Scotland ours are sent to the house.

Morgan said...

Yes, we are going in to school at 9am. If they don't go in for them, they are posted out, but we can't wait ANOTHER day!!