Saturday, 23 August 2014

Baking again

It's been a bit of a day today - washing on the line, my third service about Ruth prepared for the morning, taking the EFG to her friend's house so that they could go to the cinema together, no time for any knitting, unfortunately!

I made sticky chicken for my tea with the YFG, and then I thought I could do some baking whilst the oven was on, so I made Weetabix brownies, potato scones, and flapjack [that's for me!].  The YFG turned up her nose at scones made with mash, but then she soon scoffed one with some jam when they had cooled!  She loves the Weetabix brownie, and I find it extremely forgiving for using up Weetabix - well, the packet had December 2012 on it, but that is just a Best Before, so what can happen to dry chaff anyway?!

The potato scone recipe was one I picked up from Gressenhall this week - they were selling recipe cards for 30p in aid of the Shire Horse fund - I am very fond of Shire Horses, so I thought I would choose a recipe in their support and this one looked very simple and quite frugal.  I made it twice and froze most of the scones, leaving just four in the tin for the YFG to nibble on - after all, there's "nothing to eat" if there is nothing instantly ready to eat........teenagers and bottomless pits!

I have invited my dad over for lunch on Monday, with his partner, because I am not sure when else he will see the EFG before she toddles off to Aberdeen - time is running out!!  We are getting booked up rapidly.  My sister had promised to take the girls to London to see a show for their birthdays in 2012 and hadn't got around to it yet - she asked me this morning when they are free and I could give her only three days on which they are available before school and uni start - I shall be glad of a rest when September comes round!

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Frugal in Bucks said...

Thanks for sharing the weetabix recipe. Will try it as have an old box in the cupboard. Xxx