Friday, 29 August 2014

Cooking by gas

Round here, that phrase, "cooking by gas" means that we are getting on with things, busy!

Actually, what I mean by it now is that we are actually able to use the gas hob again - the plumber friend of the FH's came round this morning, found the leak and repaired it, and we've tried it out for lunch and supper.  The chap is also going to order a new bath panel for me, to replace the one I broke years ago, putting my knee through it whilst leaning over the bath, washing the girls' hair over the bath.

I popped along to the knitting club after he left, to show the ladies how the Alpinia is progressing, and to help with the tea and coffees, and then the hoovering afterwards.

I confess that I had a bit of a rest after lunch whilst the girls went off for a bike ride, but then I folded up all the washing I had hung out in the bracing breeze this morning and got dry, and I cut the front lawn.  Whilst I was washing up the supper dishes tonight, I made some flapjack to feed my recent addiction - got to stop that!!  The girls have helped me and at least half of it is gone now - less to worry about rationing tomorrow, surely!?!

I'm off to have a shower now and think about tomorrow.  Lots to be thankful for tonight including having both my girls here with me.  We are off to Norfolk on Monday and Tuesday, they are going to London on Wednesday and the YFG is back to school Thursday.........time is going to F-L-Y!

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veeknits19 said...

Your week will be busy! So glad you are reflecting on the positives in life despite the recent sorrow and forthcoming changes.
By the way after my comment about frugalmummy the other day I find she really is back, check out the last comment on the old blog, the address for the new blog is,
I couldn't get this link to work, but followed the link to Google's circles via Tracy's name on the last comment. Hope that makes sense!
Frugal lunch out today. We met up with relations @ a pub 1/2 way for all of us, always good service, good food & reasonable price, & they don't mind when we linger & chat. Today it was a nice meal except for a caterpillar in the dish of extra veg (yeuchh!!). The manager was very nice & very, very apologetic, he didn't charge for the side dish of veg with caterpillar (I should think not!), & offered complimentary desserts & coffees with the meal for all of us. As we've eaten there before many times & they are always very accommodating, & a caterpillar seemed less of a foreign body than other things we could imagine we accepted. They just need to wash & check the veg better! For this reason I will not name the pub, here or elsewhere!
Have a good week, Vee x