Thursday, 28 August 2014

Aldi voucher

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Don't forget to pick up a copy of The Mirror today if you would like to save £5 off a £45 shop at Aldi this week.  I tend to use these to stock up on tinned goods and long life items to last through the month to the next voucher opportunity.

Edit to say that I think the last one was for a spend of £45, but this one is even better - we only need to choose £40 worth of goods, to benefit from the £5 off.  Bought my paper too late today - had to go to three shops to find one that still had copies!

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SusanM said...

Thanks for the tip. I tried looking yesterday to see if there was going to be a voucher in a paper (there usually is at the end of the month) but couldn't find any information. Will pick up the paper today x