Saturday, 9 August 2014

Community spirit

A neighbourhood gathering late this afternoon lasted into the evening, and we have shared food, friendship and tall tales over a bbq and some lovely puddings.  We've met new neighbours just moved in, and we've caught up with folk we haven't seen for weeks.  It's been good.

A friend and neighbour has also been here this evening, helping out with our downpipe which wasn't coping very well with the downpours yesterday, so he brought home a new length from the builders' merchants at which he works, and he has, we hope, fixed the problem - we shall see how it holds up in the forecast rain tomorrow....

And on one last note - several of us have hedgehogs in the garden, which is brilliant, and we are all pleased to have them there, eating up all the slugs.....but why do they have to poo all over the grass as well?!?!

The weather is looking very rough for tomorrow in the UK, so I hope that you can all stay safe, warm and dry.  Take care of yourselves xx


Angela said...

Pictures of flooding in your neck of the woods on BBC website look pretty grim. Glad you have had a good time with the neighbours though!

simplesuffolksmallholder said...

I heard that Cambridgeshire had more rain than many other places.
It's Noon and Still not too bad here in Suffolk.
It's good to have nice neighbours who can get together, doesn't seem to happen much nowadays

rabbitquilter said...

We have had a very windy day, but had floods last week, so we have dried out, thank goodness. What a lovely idea to have a neighbourly BBQ! So glad it was enjoyed. We have a BBQ organised for next wend in aid of someone's big '0'(stands for oh dear!!!) birthday!! No.2 son arranging it so it will be fabulous, whatever the weather! XX