Monday, 25 August 2014

Making do

In the frugal household, there is a need to be flexible, adaptable and somewhat creative - I'm sure you will agree.  In that spirit, I have got a table lamp doing duty in the kitchen because I am not sure how to replace the fluorescent light, I'm using an electric two-ring hob instead of our gas hob because we could smell gas last night so we turned it all off, and the extractor fan hasn't worked for the best part of three years - so what's wrong with just opening the windows?!

I am sure that the hob is safe and we are not going to die in the night, because I do know how to turn off the supply at the bottles, so don't fret over that.  I will manage with the wee hob through the bank holiday today and then I shall call someone out who knows about these things, but probably not the muppet who installed it in the first place, even if he has the certificates and all.

We had a good day yesterday - the sun was shining and I took the girls off to Ely to Sainsbury's when I came home from taking the morning service.  The YFG needs a new pair of black school trousers and she is really hard to find them for - if they fit around the waist, they don't fit on the legs, and vice versa.  We had heard that there was a 25% sale on TU clothing, so we went to see if the trousers there were a better fit - thank goodness, they were!

When we came home, I was able to enjoy my lunch sitting under the verandah in the FH's favourite old perch, and then I read a book there [The Best Yes, by Lysa TerKeust], and eventually even had a wee nap - well, that's what Sunday afternoons are for, aren't they?  Unfortunately, when I woke up, I was summoned to climb the mountain that is Student Finance with the EFG - trying to help her work out budgets and income/outgoings - sort of like her cash flow.  Bit challenging, if I am honest - she seems to think it is going to be a struggle to manage on £25 a week for food, even though I think that is generous.  She's got to learn to be economical......but she may have to learn the hard way.

Last night, we watched a silly, girly film, and I did some knitting - perfect.  The girls were giggling over Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde!  Then they watched Bizarre ER, which was a step too far for me, so I went off to tackle the washing up.....

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Corrina said...

Oh dear Morgan, I have only just found out about your sad news whilst catching up with your blog - I send my love to you and your family.