Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Lucy Locket

I took the girls to the cinema yesterday afternoon [on our Clubcard tokens] to see a film called "Lucy" starring Scarlet Johansson.  I thought she was very good in "The Other Boleyn Girl" but I felt that although she acted very well, the storyline of this film was too far fetched to be taken seriously.  At the end, there was a serious "magic porrige pot" moment, when she dissolved into a sea of black gunk which oozed all over a lab, and I just knew that I would dream of it - and I am sure I shall.  I can't stand the thought of oozing porrige all over the place and hate that story, so to see this black stuff everywhere just brought that all back!!  Weird the things which stick in one's mind, I know....

Scarlet Johansson as Lucy
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At UJ's house, we picked runner beans, Victoria plums, and cherry tomatoes, as well as picking up a few windfall apples.  They will all get processed today for preserving - the apples will probably go into jars as apple sauce, but the beans and plums will just go in the freezer as they are.

After that, I dropped the EFG off at her friend's house for the night so that they can go off shopping in the morning, and then came home with the YFG for what remained of the evening - it was past 8 when we left the EFG.

Today is going to be an at-home day until we have to pick the EFG up later on.  Time is ticking onward relentlessly, and she has managed to get together most of the bits and pieces that she needs.  The days are mostly getting allocated to things now, and there are just a couple of days left when we have nothing to do.  The latest insertion to the calendar is that my sister is taking the girls to London next week to see War Horse on Wednesday.  The YFG will go back to school on Thursday and the EFG will be off to Scotland on Friday.  Then we will be looking forward to that midwinter time of rejoicing, the name of which I cannot quite bring myself to mention just yet!

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