Sunday, 17 August 2014

Friends and family

We've had a good day.  Didn't get to chapel this morning because I overslept [whoops!] but was glad in a way because a lovely lady from the village came up to see us with a bunch of flowers for us, and I would have missed her otherwise.  She chatted for a few minutes and we shared our news about the EFG and uni, and then she left.

This evening, we have been to my sister's house for a BBQ with UJ too, and had a very nice evening, eating good food and playing with the latest additions to her feline family - two lovely kittens - which bring her cat count to nine!  There isn't a lot terribly frugal about Dear Sis, but she earns the money so I guess it is up to her how she spends it.  We've come home to a message on the answerphone from my dad, so I rang him back and he has done something really frugal - and a bit strange!  He told me I could have a sofa, which has been in the family for as long as I have, but it hasn't been used much and is in very good condition.  He has a towbar on his car, but no trailer, so when he saw a car towing a trailer in his town today, he followed it!!  He followed this poor random man home and asked him if he could possibly borrow his trailer!  And the man he is going to bring me the sofa this week.

Tomorrow, I am having an at-home day, as I have arranged a day out on Tuesday, so I need to get some things done here first.....starting with the washing and ironing.  Monday's chores, after all!


Angela said...

How resourceful of your Dad to find a trailer to borrow!! Joyce Grenfell used to sing a song about "You can only go so far on a sofa, cos a sofa's got small wheels"

Oversleeping on a Sunday is FINE - unless you are the preacher.

blessings xxx

Morgan said...

@Ang - well, it was the right Sunday to oversleep as I was preaching the previous two Sundays and will be doing so again for the next two, so I should think I deserved a rest!!

simplesuffolksmallholder said...

But what about if the man had been going to London or Glasgow?
This really made me smile tho'

Morgan said...

I thought that myself, SSS, but apparently Dad had seen him around the town with it earlier in the day so was guessing that he was on his way home x