Friday, 29 August 2014

Just a basic kind of Thursday

Yesterday was not the most marvellous of days, since we didn't really do very much of note!

We did, however, manage to successfully fetch a new fluorescent tube for the kitchen light from the local DIY shop, which hasn't worked for more than a fortnight.  The YFG and I got it working when we got home, and hey presto, we had light!  Whilst we were in town, I took the old kitchen sink to the town recycling centre, making it within a minute of their closing time - we were very lucky.  The YFG had wanted to take an old chest of drawers from her room as well, but we couldn't fit it into the car, and I am not sure that I want to throw it out yet either - I have seen some lovely revamping techniques on Elaine's and Froog's blogs, so it may be that we have a go at some of them to revitalise the furniture.

I have also spent a little time on the internet, and rekindled my interest in YouGov - with all the stuff we have had going on here lately, I haven't had time to do any of their polls so there isn't a lot in the kitty there - only about £7, so I shall have to be a little more consistent in trying to do them, towards earning the next £50 payout.

All my lovely jars of apples have been safely stored away in the cupboards, on the shelf next to the marmalade which I had made for the FH shortly before he died: he liked that when he was having toast for breakfast, but since he had been having stewed fruit most mornings, I still have quite a stash of marmalade to get through.  Perhaps I shall have to bless others with some of that?!

Avoiding spending is still high on my schedule although some companies seem intent on parting me from my cash - the House of Bath sent a catalogue yesterday morning.......we are not your typical HoB customers, I believe, from the range of items within their pages, but we have bought a couple of mobility things from their website in the past for the FH, which is how they have all our details.  It would be best if they forgot our details now, as I am not about to be swayed by pages and pages of bedding, kitchen items and clothing.

Today is Friday, as you know, and this time next week, the YFG and I will be waving Cheerio to the EFG as she and my sister start to make their way northwards.  Thanks to SusanM in the comments yesterday for sharing that the Daily Record was running a story about the accommodation debacle at Aberdeen; we are just so grateful that the EFG has a room for the week until the 12th and then she will have a permanent place for the rest of the year.  The article is slightly worrying about the cost of accommodation in the years ahead, when she has to go out and live in a flat - it sounds expensive!  Hopefully, the EFG will remember some of our frugal ways and be able to manage.

[I have managed to weave 9 words into that post which are apparently disappearing from common English usage......any guesses as to which ones they are?]


Angela said...

Here's a good recipe when there is a glut of marmalade....
marvellous, eaten every fortnight, in the presence of a pussy cat!!

phyllis weaving said...

My daughter was one of the few stusents who had sarnies for lunch and has always been careful with her money. The troble with house share was living with girls who didn;t get the idea of being careful with utilty bills.and they were just divided by 5. She had 2 jobs and some money of us.They do remember what we teach them

Morgan said...

@Ang - well done! Good recipe link there too - some of the ladies at the knitting group would probably enjoy that, as would UJ, but I don't think I'd get that one past the girls.

@Phyllis - welcome! Good to hear from you. I have warned the EFG not to plan to share with spendthrifts, as she won't be able to keep up with them! She will need to find some similarly hard-up friends to share with for next year so that they are all in the same boat together....I hope! Rents in Aberdeen seem extortionate, but we knew that when she applied so we just have to get on with it and make economies elsewhere!