Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Bank Holiday Monday

It was an English Bank holiday, so it rained solidly all day.  Sometimes drizzle, sometimes heavier stuff.  But it rained.  We're hoping for better weather in September - let's live in hope and be positive, after all - it usually improves once the holidays are over and the children back in school!

Today has mostly been spent with my Dad and MB - they came over for lunch and stayed for the afternoon in a sort of companionable sitting around, chatting, reading the paper, comfortable sort of way.  We served them toad in the hole, lots of veg and then a choice of puds - rice pud or Rhonda-Jean's self-saucing chocolate pudding.  Dad said he enjoyed it, which was kind of him.

We found out today that the EFG has accommodation for the first week [hooray!] and will be moved in to her permanent accommodation by the uni on the 12th.  The temporary accommodation is very plush - a private hall of residence which is all en-suite and goes for £140+ a week, compared to her more basic £90 a week for where she will be permanently.  She can enjoy it for a week and then come back down to earth - but she will only have to pay £90 to stay there, thank goodness!  No bank holiday in Scotland today, so the accommodation office was open.

I have had a couple of hours tonight on Ancestry since they had a free access weekend - I could look at as many original documents as I wanted to without paying!  I found the FH's great uncle's children - it helped that I worked out a way of looking for them with their mother's maiden name in the search and it found them, but two of them were born in Warwickshire in the second world war, so it makes us wonder why they went there from the Fens.

Tomorrow [today!] we have a busy day scheduled with a school meeting, a trip to the cinema with our Clubcard vouchers, a visit to UJ's house to water his garden and greenhouse whilst he is away and then dropping the EFG off to stay the night with a friend so that they can go to Cambridge shopping the next day. Better head off to bed, I think!


veeknits19 said...

As ever you sound very busy. Good to find out more about relations for free on Ancestry. If your weather continues like ours you will only need to water UJ's greenhouse and not the garden, it really is unseasonably cold and wet for August. Have a good day, Vee x

Angela said...

Glad to know the accommodation thing is sorted out!! xx