Saturday, 28 December 2013

Keeping busy

These past few years, we have treated ourselves to the Limited Edition Ravensburger Christmas Jigsaws, and this is the latest offering.  The FH started it on Christmas Eve, pondered over it on Christmas Day, had a little help on Boxing Day, and finished it yesterday with some help from me.

The picture is lovely [above] and there is so much detail in the pictures - the FH hates pictures with acres of sea, sky or grass as there is little relief from the hard slog of puzzling those out, whereas a more detailed picture holds more interest.

I love the detail like these cute rabbits, watching proceedings from the corner.

And it looks like the Station Master's cat is keeping an eye on everyone too!


Welsh Poppy said...

I loved your jigsaw so much just purchased one for Mr WP:-)
I think he will have a lot of fun with these and feel a collection coming on.

Morgan said...

Yes - there will be a photo of another one coming up as he has just finished another since Christmas. Birds this time! We have a friend with a collection she has invited us to raid for a change, so he will be kept busy for months! I think it is a good idea for your OH as well xx