Thursday, 12 December 2013

Another Aldi voucher

Yes, yet another Aldi voucher in the papers today - in the Mirror in England and Wales and the Record in Scotland.  £5 off when you spend £40, worth having if you are an Aldi fan.  I prefer the Mirror package to the one I got last week in the Express, as the Mirror vouchers tend to last a full week rather than just until Wednesday and somehow that extra day towards the weekend does make a difference.  The Mirror has also been in the habit of giving other supplementary vouchers for particular items - I got a posh tin of Fox's biscuits which I wanted to give as a family gift to some friends last time for £2.79 which I then saw selling for £5 in one of the big four supermarkets.

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We were only in Aldi on Monday so the chances are that I will get this voucher and not actually go to spend it until towards the end of next week.  This run of vouchers is as good as the Morrison's offer really, I think, as the week's minimum spend is only £40 which is very do-able for a family of four like us, although I appreciate that a frugal couple may well spend a lot less each week.  I accept that I am having to buy the paper, but I am still £4.50 better off, and it is helping me to stay out of certain other supermarkets, too!


Welsh Poppy said...

The voucher is valid till Christmas eve which is even better for us that have only just been to Aldis:-)

Morgan said...

Excellent news, WP - thanks for that. Yes, the voucher is valid for longer this time, which is very useful! With it being valid for almost two weeks, that gives us a lot more flexibility in the run up to Christmas. I bought two papers, as I can see that I might want to go early next week, and then perhaps again on the Monday before Christmas for fruit, veg, and dairy items. I will have to think carefully about the menu plans and work out exactly what I need each time so that I balance the shopping to maximise the vouchers, as I don't want to spend too much the first time and then not need enough to justify the second voucher and waste it!