Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Voucher heads-up

Just read on MSE that there is an Aldi voucher in the Sun today - usual deal and valid up to and including Christmas Eve......I won't be getting this one as I haven't used last week's yet!  Hope it helps someone, though.

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Helen Graham said...

Thank you for that. Although it went against my conscience a bit to buy 'The Scum' I've got my coupon and, since I've already done all my Xmas shopping, I'll use it towards stocking up on essentials like loo rolls so I won't have to buy them for a while in the New Year.

Morgan said...

Glad it helps, Helen xx

Welsh Poppy said...

Thanks but I also have not used my coupons from last week so will give it a miss.We will go saturday and brave the crowds.