Thursday, 26 December 2013

Christmas in the Fens

I've felt really connected with my fellow bloggers this Christmas: 

We had a table mat which sweetblondieblueeyes made.  I saw it on her old blog as an item for sale and fell in love with it.  The colours shine much better than the photo shows and it is very festive.  The little decoration which is sitting on it is one that my mum made years ago and it has reappeared with the decorations that UJ brought from his loft.  My mum was a very thrifty soul from necessity, so she would have approved.

And when I cooked my whole turkey leg, and then stripped the meat off to cool, I thought of Elaine and her family over at Mortgage Free in Three as she had had a huge post about making one of these legs last and last - rubber turkey!

And when I served up the Christmas dinner, with the Aldi four bird roast for the rest of the family [I can't eat it because of the stuffing etc] I thought of all the frugalers out there who encourage one another to try different things and tell each other what they have done.

This is a dinner before it got to the table.  At the table was the gravy, cranberry sauce and the hot apple sauce - and then I remembered on whose blog it was that I read about making home made apple sauce in jars, and thanked Sue as we enjoyed it with our dinner.

And now we are getting ready for the Boxing Day visitors - although it is 10.45am and I am the only one up....


sweet blondie blue eyes said...

Lovely to see the mat adorning your table. I had forgotten you bought it.

So glad you had a good Christmas day and I hope all goes well for your Dad getting his pacemaker fitted.

Tasmanian Minimalist said...

Greetings to you this festive season.

Corrina said...

wishing you a merry christmas - all best wishes for 2014!