Monday, 9 December 2013

Finding peace - Advent 2

This morning, a day late, I watched this video and it is brilliant.  It is straight-to-the-heart, and I would urge anyone looking for peace this Advent to go over there and spend 12 minutes listening.  It really made me think, and I actually thought about this a lot today.  

I decided that I am, in many ways, enough.

I am thin enough, smart enough, tidy enough, busy enough, clever enough, thrifty enough, rich enough, generous enough, mother enough, wife enough, etc.  

Doubting myself, putting myself on trial by temptation of any kind, isn't beneficial.

I looked at the ways in my life in which I feel inadequate, and resolved to find contentment where I am NOW.  Always striving to be more in any of these areas leads to bad feeling in me, and that is not helpful at all - and it makes me uncharitable towards others, too.  It makes me critical of myself as well as of others, and that is rude and un-Christian.

This is part of my trying to find some quiet in this Advent season, because finding contentment and satisfaction in a challenging and aspirational world is tricky, and looking for those qualities day by day will help to bring me to Christ's peace.

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