Friday, 27 December 2013

Pacing himself

Dad should be on his way to Papworth right now as the ambulance was booked for 9am, and then the procedure for 1pm this afternoon.  We are hoping for a phone call from his partner this afternoon to tell us how it has gone.  Prayers are ascending and fingers are crossed.....weird combination, but you know what I mean!

I am hoping that they keep him in for a few days to regain some strength, as he has hardly taken two steps in all the time he has been in intensive care, and will need to begin to walk more again, I hope, before he comes home.  Tethered to the bed by the catheter tube, he has been out of bed only to sit on the chair or the commode! I saw a walking frame by the side of the bed the last couple of times we visited but he says that he hasn't been using it because he has had nowhere to go...

I am cautiously optimistic this morning, and really hoping that he will feel much better after this.  I will broach the subject of his next cruise and whether he should be going on it, when I see how he does over the weekend, and whether we can get a chat with a doctor about it.  Gadding off to the Western Med on the 27th January may not be the wisest plan in the circumstances.  It's got to be about pacing himself [and yes, pun intended, sorry!] over the next wee while and rebuilding his strength.

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Lyssa Medana said...

Prayers still going. It is hard, esp this time of year, to watch loved ones struggle. Sending hugs. WS xxx