Monday, 23 December 2013

Quietening down now

Christmas for us, is all about this:

(image from

but we do have plenty of this ready for the visitors who are coming on Boxing Day and enough for us to have a wee feast in the evening on Christmas Day.  Not too much, though.

(image from

We have lots of this to keep us warm, and we are looking forward to some quiet time, sitting round the fire.  I am looking forward to getting my crochet out again - I have hardly touched it since June!

(image from

There are some of these under the tree.....
(image from

and there are several of these hanging in the tree!

And this sparkly fairy is dangling decoratively in Granny's vintage tree.

Today has been another day that I have taken at my own speed.  The weather here has been fierce, with strong winds and driving rain, so I haven't been to see Dad, but just popped to some local shops to get the last few bits of fresh food I wanted for Boxing Day and the visitors.

I am just going to make the pastry for the mince pies now and then I will make the pies themselves in the morning.  I shall also make a few coconut tarts, which Dad loves, so that I can take him a few in a box for a treat.  He doesn't have a huge appetite, so four in a Tupperware will be fine.

Good night x


rabbitquilter said...

was just making the last of the mince pies and wondering how things were with you. I hope you all have a peaceful Christmas. X

Judy Y said...

Hi Morgan

A very merry Christmas to you and your family and hope all is well over this period

Judy xx

Mac n' Janet said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family, praying for the continued improvement of your Dad's health and that your husband stays well.
You stay so busy I don't know how you do it.