Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Best laid plans

Well, at least I made plans, I suppose!  I haven't got the other end of the sitting room done yet, but I have got all the Christmas cards written, and the letter/photos for the older friends and relatives is printing right now for popping inside their cards so that I can get them in the post tomorrow - the last day for second class post!  Fifty pence is plenty to spend...

**Warning for FrugalInSuffolk - the "D" word is here**

The YFG has had a filling at the dentist today.  Our usual chap is off on long-term sick leave, so we have had a lovely lady, who the YFG much prefers - she is extremely gentle with her, so I can see why, not that the other chap is at all rough, but this lady obviously has a way with younger people that the YFG prefers.  We don't know how long our dentist will be off for, so perhaps future appointments will be with the lady for some time.  It is done for today, and the numbness has worn off, which she is pleased about as it reached all the way to her eyebrow!

Tonight I have downloaded Elaine at Mortgage Free In Three's book about Turkey recipes, so I am looking forward to reading that on the EFG's Kindle shortly.  I have had a nap this evening [again!] so I can afford an extra few minutes reading.

We are so glad that the end of term is on Friday - we caught the YFG sleepwalking on the landing last night and I can only think that it was because she was so tired this week with the end of term and the excitement of Christmas!  I am definitely enjoying a slower week without the pressure of the gymnastics.  The FH has done a whole puzzle today, and is pleased with the accomplishment, and he walked to the other end of the street to see his friend, a chap of 80+.  They had a natter and he was home for lunch.


rabbitquilter said...

The end of the Christmas term always seems more manic than other terms, roll on Friday then! So glad YFG has a good rapport with the Dentist. Our old Dentist, who I never really got on with, retired a couple of years ago and was replaced with a lady. I can't tell you how nice she has been , especially over the past year when I have had 3 oral op's. Saw her yesterday and treatment all finished - at last YAY!!
Mince pies made, cakes iced, including a rush job on the 'emergency' cake!!! At last I think I am under control!! Hubby hates Christmas, which proves more and more difficult in the family household. It makes December very difficult when I would just love to be able to embrace the true Christmas season. Heyho!!

Mac n' Janet said...

Our daughter did a bit of sleepwalking when young and it always scared us.
I have dental phobia and must have a kind, gentle, understanding dentist or I wig out.