Sunday, 22 December 2013

A quiet day at home

The FH and I went to church this morning, where I was taking the service, and I re-did a service I used a couple of weeks ago elsewhere - the one with Rahab, the scarlet ribbon and the genealogy paper chains.  Just as before, it went down very well, thank goodness!  We had a full house, for us, with most of the regular attendees there and even a couple of extras.

Once we came home from that, we spent the day quietly.  We haven't had the tv on much, and even forgot to watch the Ten Top Carols from the Songs of Praise team, remembering just at the last moment so that we only saw Michael Ball sing the last one.  The FH has been doing a jigsaw puzzle nearly all day, and I have pottered about - a little bit of this and some of that, helping him now and again, making some calls to MB and to the FH's sister, sending some text messages to the FH's son, and to my friend T.

We've plodded and pottered through the day.  We have had a really good supper of chicken thighs cooked in vegetable stock with sweet potatoes, served with roasties, cabbage, carrots and sprouts.  It is probably the most nutritious meal we have had all week and it tasted great.  I think it will do us good!

The news from the hospital is OK.  Dad has had a bad night, but only because a youngish woman has been brought into the bed next to him, and the team were busy working on her through the night, and it seems that she must have been in quite some pain from the noise that was going on.  MB visited Dad this morning, but left him to have his lunch and then he planned to sleep this afternoon if he could.  She reports that in himself, he is in good spirits, but just tired.  We will visit tomorrow at some point in the afternoon or evening when I have co-ordinated with my sister.  It suits MB to be there in the mornings, which is fine with us.

And so to this evening....the FH continues with his puzzle, the girls are upstairs enjoying another game of Monopoly, and the tv is on in the background so that the FH can listen to Countryfile, which he enjoys.  I think it will probably be turned off afterwards.  We have delivered all the cards and gifts we want to give, and we are ready to settle down now in our own space.  The only place we need to go now is the hospital over the next few days, and we will be having Boxing Day off from that because we have cousins coming to visit us, but otherwise we shall be there most days.

I have borrowed a book from the bookshelf in the relatives' room at the hospital so I am planning to read that and return it in the next few days, but I have also found some more of my own to take to supplement their selection, and I shall raid my stash of older magazines to find a few to take and leave, since those in the room are all of the celebrity kind, which I find tedious, 'cos I don't know who half the people in them are!!

Best wishes to all of you, and fondest hopes for a peaceful Christmas for everyone x

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