Saturday, 14 December 2013

Good day all round

The FH has perked up more today and was up when I got home from Gymnastics at 1.30pm this afternoon.  He has a jigsaw on the go, and was sitting doing that in the lounge.  This afternoon, he was feeling well enough to come to the chapel Carol Service with me, and enjoyed that - singing is good for you, anyway!

We got home from that to find that the YFG had done all the ironing and washed my car, so she has earned herself a little pocket money to go shopping on tomorrow, as the EFG has a babysitting job tonight and will be earning hers in a less energetic manner - I have had a text from her and she is watching tv with a pug asleep on her lap - sounds like hard work!

I have to say that I have done very little apart from make supper and wash up afterwards this evening.  I have watched a little of The Bible on Channel 5, but missed the start of it.  A rest is always a good thing, and I am waiting for a phone call from the EFG for a lift home, so I can't go to bed yet!

Hope you are all having a good weekend with friends or family xxx

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