Sunday, 15 December 2013

Pink and sparkly

The sitting room is in turmoil as there are boxes everywhere, and furniture is in the midst of being rearranged, but I managed to have a nap whilst the FH was watching The Sports Personality of the Year and simultaneously doing a jigsaw, so I must have been tired.

Not only did UJ come over with the missing trunk of the 1.8m tree which he brought the other week, but he also brought my grandmother's wee silver tree as well, and I just couldn't not put it up.  

We have always had green trees, so our theme colours have been red and gold.  Consequently, we hadn't too much to put on a silver tree, so I have decorated it with some mostly pink-themed decorations, including some that my friend N gave me last Christmas which I didn't use then because they didn't look right on our usual tree - they look fab on the silver tree.

My uncle reckons that this tree is verging on its half century, so it is definitely in the "vintage" category, I think, although to the girls it is an antique!

The girls have enjoyed putting up the big tree in the corner, and I had great fun with "my" tree, so we are beginning to look a little more like we are celebrating now....

Just got to find room for the nativity scene when I have done redistributing the furniture.  UJ also brought four dining chairs for Boxing Day when we could be 14 for tea, but they are stashed in the garage for now!

I'm looking forward to the week ahead, and I have lots of wee projects planned which I am going to enjoy doing because I am choosing to do them, and they are going to be FUN.  Well, I think so, anyway, so watch this space.  Some of them might even be moneysaving!

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