Wednesday, 18 December 2013

What else this year?

You've read it all here: the FH with his problems, the sleepwalking YFG and the laryngospasms of the EFG this week.....and then the call came in this morning at 11.30am to say that my dad had been whisked off to hospital.

He was having some worrying symptoms so his partner, MB, called an ambulance.  The paramedics did some ECGs and worked out that his heart was not beating as fast as it should have been, and took him off to the local hospital.  A smaller one than the one that the FH usually attends.

I got over there this afternoon, and he is all wired up in a critical care unit, with a super-dooper electronic bed with an air mattress on it.  He wasn't looking terribly perky, and had a couple of drips in his arm, but his heart rate is stabilising, and they are hoping to transfer him over to Papworth hospital for a pacemaker to be fitted soon.

Somehow he thinks he might still make it over here for lunch on Sunday, but I did say that that could wait and we could do it when he is feeling stronger!

The girls were planning to give him his Christmas present on Sunday so I did say that wherever he is, I will try to take them over to see him - they have had a calendar made from the Norway photos for him [I think I told you that!] and they are quite excited to see what he thinks to it.

There are just two weeks left of this year, so I am hoping that this is the final thing of the year, and that somehow 2014 might be more restful, more peaceful, more stable.  Somehow, I won't be holding my breath!

My challenge of the week is the staff Christmas gifts at school.  I had thought that I would just do fudge again this year, then I decided to do something else......then the girls got me some of the cellophane gift bags for packaging from Lakeland, and when they got them home, there were only 20 in the bag - I am sure there used to be more than that!  Anyway, whatever I do for the staff, I need to do 22.  I need to DO the thing tomorrow in order to take them into school on Friday morning.  The EFG has made some fabby reindeer biscuits tonight, but there aren't 22 of them the same.........wail!  If I make fudge or the mock Ferrero Rocher chocs, I also need to make little trays to set them in, and 22 of them is no mean feat...why did we take on extra TAs at school this year?!  I am sorely tempted to fling the reindeer biccies onto a big tray and put them in the staffroom with a Help Yourself and Happy Christmas sign on them and leave it at that......what do you reckon?  Anyone got any bright ideas for something small and delicious that I can do tomorrow, which isn't cakey?  Hint: tell me the reindeer will do!


Kim @ Him, Him Me said...

Morgan, so sorry to hear about your Dad's problems. Will be including you in my prayers. The Reindeers will be much appreciated how ever you present them. Take care.

tylasnan said...

Morgan, if it was me I would go with the reindeer for sure!

Wishing all in your household a very Happy Christmas and hopefully a very uneventful 2014.

Thank you for your blog this year, I have loved following your story.

Cheers, Karen near Gympie.

rabbitquilter said...

Definitely the Reindeer!!! If you are 2 short, there is bound to be someone on a diet, or just plain not quick enough!!!!!! Sorry to hear about your Dad. He is in the best place. Take care.

Louise said...

Go for the reindeer, I'm sure that they will be appreciated and brighten up everyone's morning break. Hope you manage to get some well deserved rest and time with your lovely family over the festive period Merry Christmas and thank you for sharing Louise xx

Angela said...

Yes, reindeers on a tray with a sign! praying for you all xx

Welsh Poppy said...

Sorry to hear about your dad,i hope he recovers soon and he will be in my prayers.Lets hope 2014 is a healthy year for you and the family.
i would also go with the reindeer on a tray and for folk to help themselves.

Morgan said...

Thanks, all! Going with the reindeer on a tray, and popping them in there today so they have more time to scoff the lot!

Lyssa Medana said...

Sending hugs and prayers. 2014 has to be better. WS xxx