Saturday, 16 February 2013

A small hiccup

Yesterday the Fh spent the day largely asleep, and I began to get concerned that he wasn't actually as well as he had been the afternoon of his discharge.  Although the care at the hospital had been wonderful, I did feel that we could have had a little more support in the discharge process - what to expect, things to watch out for, potential problems etc.  I quietly rang our practice nurse at home, who had a quiet word with the doctor, at 8pm last night, and she came back to me with the advice to get the on call doctor out to have a check up.  I was immensely grateful that a doctor turned out at 10pm last night and came to look him over.  It was reassuring to know that he didn't find anything outstandingly wrong, and that he advised us to carry on as we were.

Today the FH has had an afternoon downstairs by the fire, and one of the ladies from the church came and sat with him whilst I made a much-needed shopping trip to town.  The girls and I were out for about 2 and a half hours, and the lady from the church managed to keep him awake the whole time!  She did very well, and they put the world to rights between them.

He has had rump steak and steamed veg for his supper, and retired to bed with the electric blanket on and the tv.  All the pills for the day are done, and we are looking forward to tomorrow.  Another day, and a step further into his recovery.

I have tomorrow's sermon spinning around in my brain and I am struggling to get it down on paper - the FH suggested that since I have a clear idea of the message, I should just trust God and go without having written it all down.  I am not yet that confident in my own abilities and will be spending as long as it takes tonight to get it down on paper!  It has been developing in my mind since last Thursday and I really should have committed it to paper by now, but sermons seem to keep developing even  once I have them on paper, and it has been intriguing to see how far this one would go.  I know it will change even as I deliver it tomorrow, so I am not too worried, but I do need to get the bare bones of it down, even if it is just an outline!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, and enjoy the weather we are having in the UK at the moment - today was a glimmer of the spring that I hope is just around the corner...


Angela said...

I am sure that the Lord will give you just the right words for the morning. I often find that He inspires me as I am preaching, and the extra bits are often those which bring greatest blessing.
Do try and rest a little yourself!

blessings xx

Wannabe Sybil said...

Good things have happened in public speaking thingies when I have trusted to God. I give credit to Him if it goes well and take the blame myself.

It is good that you are keeping an eye on FH - prayers continuing! WS xxx