Monday, 25 February 2013

A positive weekend

The weekend has passed off successfully.  The FH has had a good couple of days where he has been feeling stronger, and the visitors we had yesterday afternoon cheered and entertained him for a couple of hours.  He has been up in the later mornings/early afternoons through until bedtime, which has been good.  The weight continues in a downward trend, indicating good water loss, so we are hoping that the doctors will be pleased with that.

UJ also came to lunch yesterday, and seemed to enjoy the afternoon - my cousin, one of his other nieces, came over for the afternoon with her husband and her mother.  UJ's brother, my uncle, is not well either, and is waiting for an appointment at Papworth Hospital to have a pacemaker fitted.  It's all hearts at present!

A lady at the chapel is being given a surprise party on Sunday for her 80th birthday, so we are hoping that the FH may be well enough to attend that next weekend, even if only for a little while.  It is just going to be an afternoon tea with some entertainment, so he shouldn't have to exert himself unduly.  That is our aim for this week.

Financially, I have actually managed to increase our assets by £665 this month, so over the two months of the year so far, we have averaged £710, which is close to what I had targeted and I am very pleased with that.  I am still considering our charitable giving, and a couple of other things which will have a financial impact too.  Thanks for your comments.


Wannabe Sybil said...

Still praying - glad that the news is good. WS xxx

Angela said...

Just off to the PO to return your DVD. Good to read all this latest news! blessings x