Friday, 8 February 2013

A new secret weapon

The hospital may be taking wonderful care of the FH but I am frustrated at never being able to actually speak to a doctor about what they are doing and what they are hoping to achieve, and what the long term outlook is.  I have spoken to a nurse twice on the phone today: the first time all I got was that the FH was "comfortable" and was due for an ultrasound at 10am, as I said earlier - and guess what he said this afternoon: the FH has had a scan and is "comfortable".....I asked the questions, but the nurse was very reluctant to say more than that.  When I asked to speak with a doctor, he said that they only talk with relatives face-to-face.

BUT I met a lady in there yesterday who I know - she is a student nurse.  I didn't know that as I only know her as the mother of two lads who come to gym, but I spoke with her tonight and explained my frustrations.  She will be at the hospital when we visit tomorrow and has promised to help me to find someone to speak with, to get some answers.  She was very sympathetic when I spoke with her, and said that there are a number of people we could speak with, so I have hopes of moving forward tomorrow.

We are going to gym in the morning till 1pm and then we will go straight from there to the hospital for afternoon visiting.  Keep your fingers crossed for me that there is not too much snow in this area, please, as I am not keen on driving in snow...

Thanks for all your lovely messages again.  You are beyond kind.


Dianne - Hereford said...

I am praying for you.
#love - Dianne - Hereford

SarahElisabeth said...

Sorry to hear about this. It might be worth phoning the consultant's secretary, after the weekend, obviously.
Remembering you in prayer.

Angela said...

Still praying - especially about the weather conditions. Hoping you can get some answers to your questions tomorrow.
How good is God - that you have found a point of contact thru a gym mum who is a nurse there. That will help I am sure

blessings xx

Emma Watts said...

I do sympathise with your frustrations and need for clear communication at this time. The anarchic hiarachy of only the doctor delivering the diagnosis and prognosis doesn't allow for those of us that can't be present during ward rounds. I'm a firm believer that all the healing is facilitated by the nurses anyway.

Keep strong and well yourself through this taxing time.

Wannabe Sybil said...

Lots of hugs, lots of prayers, and a little nag to remember to be kind to yourself. WS xxx

Penelope P. said...

Have just visited you from Angela's blog. Hope you get some answers today. You and your husband will be my kettle prayer recipients this weekend- as I have an atrocious memory I'll write your names on a bit of paper and leave it by the kettle, then every time I have a cup of tea( frequently! ) I'll pray ! With love Penny L in Dorsetxxx

50 and counting said...

I hope the recovery is going well.

As I nurse, I have to tell you that our hands are tied by privacy laws (every country has them in some degree). I am not legally allowed to give any information over the telephone or in person to anyone. If the law was fully enforced I couldn't even tell you that your husband is on my ward. We have no way of confirming an identity over the phone unless the patient has arranged a "safe/password" to be used in communiating with people. Just this weekend past I had someone claiming to be a police officer calling in about one of our patients (drug dealer, the police and a rival gang want him). No info out.

Rounds are usually made early in the morning, so many patients families will be at the bedside at 06 just to catch the great man.

We really aren't evil. Our hands are just tied.

Look after yourself!

Morgan said...

Thanks, all of you, for these comments. The outcome of the information frustration was really that the doctors weren't entirely sure what was going on with the FH either, so it was a struggle for me to get information that they didn't have to give. We are better informed now, and hopeful for a positive outcome, although we know that he will have to have an appointment with his heart specialist very soon. Thank you for your insights, though; it is appreciated that you would share from the other side of the fence, so to speak.