Thursday, 14 February 2013

Thursday's thoughts

We had a day off from visiting the FH yesterday, as my cousin popped in to see him in the afternoon and one of his old chaps from the village was taken in the evening.  The chap's daughter phoned me when they got home and said how happy the two men had been to see one another - so we were both pleased that we had arranged it.  The FH had been moved yesterday to a 4 bed room, so he has company now, which I think will be good for him.  There is talk [but no promises] of him coming home by the weekend, so I am quietly keeping my fingers crossed for that.

I took the girls and we met my sister for lunch yesterday, which was a first, and a very pleasant way to spend some time.  We all enjoyed it, and it was a lovely break from routine.  UJ was here as well for the village lunch club, so we spent some time with him once we all got back from lunches here and there.  He brought me some leeks, sprouting broccoli, sprouts and a lovely Savoy cabbage, so we have plenty of veg available at the moment.  More leek and potato soup will be on the menu, I think!

Today the weather is warmer than it has been of late, but it is wet again, so not ideal, and rather frustrating for getting anything done outside.  As it is the middle of February today, my thoughts had turned to sowing seeds for tomatoes, peppers and chillies, but it is not inspiring out there.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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