Saturday, 2 February 2013

Finishing post

I made it through the last couple of days, and all things have come to their conclusion - the Village Celebrity Cook-off has happened, and £200 is added to the coffers of the chapel, to pay for all manner of things to keep the place open.  Lots of people want the chapel to be there, especially for weddings, funerals and christenings, but Sunday to Sunday, we never see them back again, and it is left to the faithful few to keep the doors open for everyone else - and actually, we are pleased to do it, because it means so much to us to be there week after week.  It is there for us too.

We had a lovely afternoon and the chapel was heaving - far more people came than had bought tickets, so we were surprised, but pleased, to see them.  They just got their tickets on the door and kept coming.  The two contestants, the village nurse practitioner and the headteacher of the village primary school, were both amazing in their individual ways.  The headteacher had brought hats and badges which reflected famous chefs  and cooks like Mrs Beaton and Gordon Ramsay, and Nigella - with a fetching black wig.  The nurse passed around sweets and regaled us with stories of making Werther's Originals-flavoured vodka in the dishwasher! The headteacher won by just the one vote!

Having hosted that event this afternoon, on top of gym all morning, and the dinner and school washing tonight, my feet are aching and I am definitely ready to go to bed shortly.  It has been a great day and we have achieved a lot - we have some wonderful friends and villagers here.

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Angela said...

brilliant! it is always good when the community members come into the chapel. now have a rest!