Friday, 22 February 2013

Not all bad

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We caught some of the segment this chap had on BBC Breakfast this morning, talking about hospital food.  He may have an excellent point, and the standards may have to be raised in many places, but James Martin and friends got the FH quite miffed this morning because the segment seemed to tar all the hospitals with the same brush.

The FH has had some lovely dishes in Peterborough City Hospital, and plenty of food!  He had a good breakfast each morning, was offered snacks at mid morning and mid afternoon, and could have had two hot meals [lunch and dinner] each day.  Most days he opted for a cold sandwich or salad at tea time, but on one occasion, had a chicken curry at lunchtime and chased it down with shepherd's pie at tea time!

Each ward there has a "host" who comes round to take the orders for meals, and then served it out to him.  These were friendly people who could guide him as to what was suitable from the menu to go with the restrictions the doctor had in place on sugar.  The meals were the main talking point for him when we visited as he would delight in telling us what he had been trying from the menu.

Some hospitals are doing a great job!

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I agree you can't assume all hospitals are the same.

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