Sunday, 10 February 2013

Back to business

There is unfortunately no progress to report for the FH; he continues on his oxygen, with his fluid intake and output being measured, and with tests still ongoing.  He is stable, but not making any improvements yet.  His cousin took over the reins of the visiting today for me, and I had a break.  I slept in until 8am, didn't go to the church service this morning but just popped in to see folk afterwards, and have had two naps this afternoon! I have been in touch with relatives and friends, and watched some tv.  The fire was lit for the first time since Wednesday, and we have had a cosy day in.

I have had a look at some websites that I thought I might share with you, and see what you thought to them.  Some I like, and some I don't think suit me and our lifestyle.

I think that Petrolprices is a useful tool to keep track of local prices if you have a number of suppliers in your area, but there is no sense in travelling extra miles to get fuel a few pence cheaper.  

I do use Quidco quite often, especially when I am shopping around for insurance or larger purchases.  I also use TopCashBack for money back on shopping - if I am going to have to spend the money, I might as well get a little back if at all possible!

Supersavvyme is an interesting one - some aspects of it I like, and some I am not so keen on - but it is well worth a trawl around it to pick out the gems and find the parts of it which are relevant to your life.

I feel similarly ambivalent about Moneymagpie - if you can cope with the headline style of the home page, there is a lot in there but one could easily get distracted by "47 ways to find a date" instead of finding the really good stuff which you need to read if you are interested in saving money.  I think this one is another which is worthy of further investigation.

I feel like I should be as the BBC and point out that there are other moneysaving websites available!  But some are not to my taste at all - the ones which still encourage you to spend, but to acquire the items using coupons and deals which just allow you to get the item a little cheaper.  Too many people will use the coupons and still put the balance on the credit cards, and not enough people are encouraging the world to go back to the basics and just not to buy if one doesn't have the money to pay!

But, do you know what, I don't like any of these websites as much as I love the personal ones, written by MeanQueen, Frugal Queen and Sue, for example, where we hear about the realities of day to day life and get the personal touch.  There is a lot to be said for knowing that other people are living the experience and not just writing about it as journalists to do a day job.  Long live the real bloggers who practice what they preach.  They are an inspiration to us all.

If you can recommend a "real" blogger who is not in my blogroll, and who you think I would like to read, please mention them in the comments and I will go and have a read.  I am always interested to find new blogs and would love to add new ones to the blogroll.  Thanks xx


Wannabe Sybil said...

Still thinking of you, still praying WS xxx

Varis Creations said...

Lovely recipes at including a lot of lower calorie options - I'm always looking for inspiration.

Susan XX