Monday, 18 February 2013

Middle of the month finance update

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Considering the month we have had here so far, we are just about winging it towards our goals!

The savings goal is at £358 for the month so far, with another £392 to add to hit the target.  Looking a little challenged, I have to say.

The various categories have suffered a little because my eye has not been on the ball the way that it usually is, as well as a number of unexpected expenses.  My total car parking bill for the hospital ended up at £25, and I have already had an extra tank of diesel for the month; the FH had two new pairs of pyjamas, and we didn't shop properly for two weeks, although we didn't spend as much as I had thought.  We are still within target on the groceries....

The FH has been up this afternoon, and has had visitors today: our old neighbour popped in this morning, and I fetched one of his old chaps to come and have a cuppa with him this afternoon.  My F&W tutor was here this afternoon too, and I have had a number of telephone calls as well, asking after the FH.  I did manage to clean the cooker and fold some washing this morning, but not the amount of cleaning I had hoped to have done. 

Now I have to go and renew the car insurance on the Fiesta - more financial juggling.  What exciting lives we lead!

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Dianne - Hereford said...

Good luck. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
Dianne - Hereford