Monday, 25 February 2013

Free health checks

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The FH may be weaker than normal, but I seem to be in robust health!  I have had a free NHS Health check tonight at our surgery.  The appointment was quite late, at 7.45pm, but I was in and out in less than the advertised 20 minutes.

One nurse was testing the urine sample, taking blood out of my finger to test it for sugar levels and cholesterol, and then she weighed me and did my blood pressure.  The other nurse was firing questions at me from a computer screen, asking me about my family's medical history of heart disease and strokes, diabetes and cancer, as well as about my intake of fruit, vegetables and alcohol, and whether I had ever smoked.

They were pretty pleased with me!  All the tests came back in the right levels, and my cholesterol is apparently very good at only 3.4, so I am definitely doing something right.  She weighed me with all my clothes [jeans, heavy sweatshirt, and walking boots] on, so I was a little more than I am on the scales here, and my BMI came in at 26, which is a bit more than ideal, but I am aware that I have more pounds to lose.

They hope I am in a similar condition in five years' time - and so do I!


Angela said...

Glad to hear you are fit and well! Keep it up xx

Lesley said...

I had one today, quite by accident. They were doing them in our library so I took went for it. I seem to be similarly healthy, although my cholesterol was a little higher than you, it was mostly "good" cholesterol and they didn't seem worried.

Morgan said...

I think that makes us fit and healthy for 40 then! Well done on your good results, too, Lesley xxx