Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Monday's update

I came home from the hospital yesterday feeling more positive.  The fluid output has increased, showing that the medications are at last beginning to get rid of some of the water for the FH, and he was feeling more comfortable yesterday.  The doctors have identified that one of the transplant drugs needed to be withdrawn completely because of the damage it has been doing to his kidneys and stomach, and so they have doubled his dose of the other one to compensate.  The huge doses of steroids continue - the FH estimated that he took 28 pills yesterday morning.....and he continues to take oxygen.

I am sorry that this blog has temporarily become a medical diary, but I hope that you can appreciate that this is what occupies our thoughts and prayers here at the moment.  Finances are still on my mind, but not to any great degree in comparison to the thoughts of the FH.  My savings target for this month looks decidedly dodgy, given the amount I am spending on diesel and car parking, as well as new pjs that we have bought!  

The children are being very mature and supportive.  The EFG has had a night at a friend's house last night and then caught a bus into Cambridge for a day out today.  I will be collecting her tonight.  My sister has invited us to join her for lunch tomorrow, and then the YFG would like to go to the cinema with her friend on Friday, so my dad has offered to shout them lunch as well whilst I go and see him.  They are not having a "normal" half-term but the FH is determined that they should still have some fun.  There is no word of him coming home yet, so we continue with the visit schedule - I am going this afternoon with the YFG and UJ, my cousin is nipping in tomorrow and then we will be back on Thursday.  

Thank you.


silversewer said...

I am pleased to hear that FH is doing a little better and that your lovely girls are being so supportive.

Thoughts and prayers with you all just now.

Angela said...

Right now we appreciate your 'medical diary' blog - it enables us to think of you and pray for you more intelligently.
Glad to hear the girls are having some semblance of 'half term hol' and that friends and family are supportive.
And don't worry about budgets - it will all come right in the end - consider the lilies of the field, and all that!!

love and blessings xx

Wannabe Sybil said...

Hugs! Long term hospital visiting is one of the most draining things I have ever done, and contributed to a breakdown. Please be kind to yourself. Lots of hugs and prayers to your family, it is good news that they are working out what is going on with FH, keeping all crossed! WS xxx

Lesley said...

Your blog is a wonderful reflection of the way you live your life and right now it reflects someone who is coping admirably with a very difficult situation. I am so glad that there is some improvement for FH. You are in my prayers. Lesley x