Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Menu planning

I had got out of the habit of planning the week's meals, knowing that there was food in the freezer and cupboards that I could pull out each morning to be cooked in the evening.  The trouble was that we have had to re-adjust to getting back into the swing of term time activities again, and things have changed in that department a little.

The EFG has started a hockey club on a Tuesday evening, at the same venue as the gym club, but at a different time.  So, consequently, it was a bit of a hiccup last week in the culinary department.  I went to school to pick the YFG up and took her to the gym, so I left here at 3pm.  The YFG has a snack at about 4.30pm when we have the gym equipment set up and then we have classes until 8pm.  The FH brought the EFG to the venue in time for hockey at 7.30pm, and he took the YFG home with him a little earlier than she would normally have left gym, because after gym, I had to sit and read a book until the hockey finished at 9pm.  The EFG and I arrived home at 9.15pm.  Hungry.

I had had a sort of plan that the EFG would do herself a microwave baked potato and beans before hockey, and then the YFG would cook herself a piece of fish and some veg from the freezer when she got home after gym.  This they did, and I ate some leftovers at 9.30pm.  The FH managed to eat twice, as they each made enough for him as well when they made their meals!!

It wasn't terribly good all in all. This week, I was more on the ball, and had some mince out of the freezer on Monday evening so that it was defrosted by Tuesday morning, and able to be cooked then into a shepherd's pie.  They both went to hockey this week, and were able to re heat portions of the pie before they went, and I had my portion when I got home.

Tonight, I have thought about what to make again, as we have a fairly quick turnaround to get the EFG to Guides, so planning definitely helps!  My trouble is keeping it up, but I will try...


Angela said...

Just lately I have swung between periods of super-efficiency with well planned menus etc, and then things go utterly pear shaped and we are eating very odd meals at random times.
This afternoon Bob goes away for 4 nights, so I shall try and get the freeezer sorted and meals planned in his absence.
I do not envy you juggling family meals round the activities of 4 people!
blessings x

Wannabe Sybil said...

I am not doing this enough but - slow cooked casserole type thingy. Bung diced turkey thigh plus veggies plus chicken cup a soup in with handful of rice first thing and then people can help themselves throughout the evening? Or soup and sandwich night? Or bacon butty/hotdog night? Or Baked Potato night with cheese/tuna etc?

As I am completely 100% rubbish as this, I am embarrassed to suggest anything, but I hope these ideas can spark off some plans for you. Good luck! WS xxx

Wannabe Sybil said...

Also - brilliant for your daughter to be doing hockey as well. You are doing a great job! WS xxx