Thursday, 5 July 2012

Uncontrolled spending

I thought that the FH had no money when he went out this morning, so the budget was safe, but I was wrong.  He saw a rather tasty looking bunch of new carrots on the market, and he indulged.  That's another £1 spent......

On a more serious note, it seems that the Sixth Form that the EFG went to try this morning will not be top of her list, or even on the list!  The students she was there with do not seem to be on a par with her academically and some of the teachers seemed surprised at how much she knew.  None of the others had done all three sciences at GCSE (the triple award, Bio,Chem and Physics) and most had only the double award; some of them in the Biology class didn't understand the difference between arteries and veins, which she says is pretty fundamental to the GCSE course; and the English chap was quite impressed with her analysis of the poem they were looking and felt moved to ask about her predicted grade.  I don't feel that there will be sufficient challenge there for her, to allow her to reach her full potential.  She has mentioned tonight being interested in becoming a pharmacist, so she's aiming high - good for her!

She is trying the Sixth Form at her secondary school for two days next week, and then having a Science Workshop morning at another (her top choice) next Wednesday, so she will have a lot more experience of them all by then - so it will then be a matter of waiting to get the results and seeing whether she has a choice or whether the results have made the choice for her.

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