Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Not quite Armageddon proportions...

Pictures of the storecupboards to put the £20 a week spending money for this month into proportion - we have plenty of food!!
These shelves at the top of cupboard #1 have tins of chickpeas (for hummus), soya cream, jellies, lemon tart kit, jars of berries, suet, tinned tomatoes, soup and jars of pasta sauce and S&S sauce.

That green box on the second shelf keeps some packets together - cous cous, Angel Delight type mixes and instant 6p a packet custard all live in here.  There are also some cup-a soups and biscuits.

This is right at the bottom of cupboard #1, where we have the spare baking spices, crispbreads, porridge oats, generic wheat bix, proper chocolate Weetabix bought on offer, savoury rice packets, noodles, and brown rice, popping corn, dried chickpeas, squash, Camp coffee and my flour.

Still on that bottom shelf, we have the other side: Crispbreads, plain biscuits, cornflour, and a big wicker basket filled with various kinds of pasta.

This is the baked bean stash!  Along with the beans are a few tins of soup and some sugar.  There is a lot of sugar in here, as the FH keeps requisitioning bags of it to make into sugar syrup to feed his bees in this tough weather, so I have stocked up far more than I would normally.  The granulated is for the bees and the caster is for baking.

On the other side of the sugar, we keep broth mix, lots of cup-a soups which are going to the chapel Fellowship meals occasionally - bought very cheaply from AF - the ladies have a real passion for asparagus soup so I snapped it up when I saw it on the website!  This is also where I keep the UHT milk.  We never run out of milk!

Now we are in cupboard #2, which is back to back with the first.  At the top, we have MaMade marmalade, lemon curd, plum jam, tinned fruit, etc.

A wider shot of the "shop" in the garage....Tinned fish, enchilda kits, more jam and lots of home made pickles, lots of condensed milk ready for fudge making for presents anytime they are required!

Right at the bottom, I have a tray with some dried fruit packages, amaretti biscuits I am hoarding to share with the FH's cousin next time we see him, a small packet of orange juice cartons for mixing with tinned peaches to make lollies, and some chocolate biscuit bars for the YFG's lunchboxes - those mallow teacakes are also a treat she sometimes enjoys.  They have to stay in here otherwise the whole packet is gone too fast!


Angela said...

Now you have made me want to tidy up my cupboards properly- I am afraid I unpacked my last shopping in a hurry and the shelves and freezer are somewhat higgledy piggledy.

Can you post your fudge recipe please?

Mrs. Mac said...

It all looks so nice and organized. Isn't it nice to have such a good supply ... makes for less trips for incidentals at the market.

Morgan said...

Indeed, Mrs Mac - one good reason to do it! I admit my biggest priority is money saving, but in the pursuit of that, energy saving is a benefit - for both the planet and myself!

Morgan said...

Angela - I will sort out the fudge recipe...I'll need to dig it out! I think it might already be on here somewhere, in which case I will post a link. xx